The most advanced technology I’ve ever owned, to call this Tesla Model 3 a car is doing it a disservice.

Car storage when not in use: Garaged

Features over premium:
Special purchase by Tesla employee so VIN receives earliest Full Self Driving
– Other future unlocks that can’t be advertised

Why selling: moved to SF from out of State for great job opportunity and don’t need the car anymore because I live and work in the city. Price negotiable.

– single owner, no kids

Model 3 Features:
– Plug-in EV
– 310 miles range
– Supercharger access so no range anxiety
– Remote entry, remote temperature control, and hands free start
– Premium Interior
– Premium Sound
– Premium Connectivity:
—Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
—In-car internet streaming music and media
—Internet browser
—Music and media over Bluetooth
– Enhanced Autopilot for stress free commuting
– “Dash cam” with autopilot cameras
– Sentry mode for parked vehicle video security and alarm
– Dog mode for parked temperature control
– Over-the-air updates, that upgrade vehicle post purchase
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