Be prepared for people stopping and giving you compliments on this car and its one-of-a-kind color shifting pearl. 2017 Tesla Model S with custom pearl white $4,000 polymer paint protection wrap.

This Tesla is a 2017 black Model S. Immediately after taking delivery I had a professionally installed premium paint protection wrap applied preserving pristine factory black paint underneath and creating a beautiful and unique color on top. The paint protection wrap color is a custom blended pearl white with faint RL 71 blue color shifting pearl. The only one in Texas!

This creates a clean white look and when the sun hits it or parking under LEDs at night a metallic flake/pearl of blue shimmers and shifts hues. Paint protection wrap is fully removable if/when desired. I uploaded videos of the car wrap on YouTube, search for “Tesla Model S custom pearl white with blue color shift” or message me and I will send link.

Matching RL 71 blue Chrome delete wrap was applied on all chrome trim. This also has a matching color shift at varying hues of blue. This combination of custom color and chrome delete with Tesla Model S smooth curves and lines is stunning. On average I will get compliments 4 or 5 times per month on the car.

This 2017 Model includes Tesla s increased power dual motors with a 0 to 60 time of 4.1 seconds. Enhanced autopilot 2.0 (per Tesla, hardware included is capable of eventual full self driving). Premium air suspension with right height adjustments (includes geo-tagging memory to automatically raise suspension where you would like it to). Full glass roof. I only charge the 75 D battery up to Tesla s recommended 80% for daily driving and have done less than 3 long-distance road trips. There are a couple minor imperfections on the exterior. The rear driver side fender has a scratch from a parking lot. Check Out More