Clear and Accident free.
Enhanced Auto Pilot (free upgrade to Full Self Driving)
Free Supercharging
Smart Air Suspension
6 seats

Price is non-negotiable. Nothing in Tesla Used or Autotrader for less than $70K, which would be without the free supercharging – worth between $2.5K-$4K per annum depending on your driving habits. FSD is a $3K upgrade, to Enhanced AutoPilot (itself cost $5K), already paid for that not all used Tesla’s come with.

Minor graze on one bumper, and one rock chip on the windshield that has been sealed.

New tires roughly 6 months ago, replaced with Continental OEM tires.

Per Tesla’s recommendation, battery has almost never been charged to more than 80% except when long distance driving, in order to maximize lifespan of the powertrain.

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