First off; thanks for checking out the ad! So as not to waste your time, here’s the TL;DR

Tesla model S 75D
+518 hp / 387 lb-ft torque
+Grey exterior
+Black interior
+Walnut trim
+Panoramic Sunroof (you can’t order a sunroof anymore – they stopped producing this addition)
+Upgraded 21″ rims with 1 month old tires (was ~$3,500 value)
+Premium interior upgrade – this includes Alcantara lining, upgraded stereo, heated seats AND steering wheel
+Enhanced Autopilot – this option has sadly been discontinued. A few of its key features are now ONLY available in new cars for the FULL AUTOPILOT program which is currently an extra +$6k. Enhanced Autopilot offers: Navigate on autopilot (auto lane changes and freeway exchanges), summon, self-park (a really fun trick to show friends), plus all the features of regular autopilot.

+Bonus: I had the MCU upgraded ~3 months ago
+Bonus bonus: Includes a brand new black signature Tesla charger (referral bonus – sells for ~$450)

Also included:
4 year bumper to bumper Tesla warranty – you can extend this to 8 at any point before it expires for a few grand
8-year standard Tesla drivetrain and battery warranty.
+Tesla ranger service for items which don’t require a visit to station (I’ve used this twice: once on a door handle and once on a headlight. They come to your home or office and repair it and that’s it! It couldn’t be easier.

You probably know it’s a joy to drive, and puts smiles on faces. I never knew how amazing a heated steering wheel was until I had this car. Its one of the best ways to end a long day of work. Plus, the car is fast. Crazy fast. I rarely bother to put other cars in their place, but beating out corvettes, occasional M3’s etc. from a red light is hugely rewarding.

It’s exhilarating. It’s incredibly quick, incredibly stable, and simply the best car I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive, let alone the safest. This 75D is the dual-motor, 75kw battery.

It gets ~249 mi on a full charge and still does 0-60 in ~4.2 seconds; bottom line is any Tesla out there is fantastic.

Evaluating this particular sale, I’m simply looking to get what I owe – if the price doesn’t work for you, I totally understand, although I will not be accepting lower offers.

Best of luck in your searches, and thanks for reading! Check Out More