This pristine nearly perfect P85DL was came with the Plus suspension which was discontinued in April of 2015.

Upgraded to Ludicrous. Maximum power at the time of the upgrade at 90% with Max Battery read was 456KW. It recently read 443KW under the same condition so there has been a 17 hp reduction in max power since it was new.

0-60 at the time of the Ludicrous upgrade was measured with my vbox at 2.85 seconds. It is slowed to 2.9 seconds.

It is on the original battery and drive units which is also unusual for this mileage.

The drive unit battery warranty is in effect for another 3.5 years unlimited mileage.

Options(every available option at the time except 21″ wheels and rear facing seats):

Lifetime unlimited supercharging transfers with car.

Tech package (power liftgate, folding mirrors, navigation, etc)

Air Suspension

Ultra High Fidelity Sound System (w/factory 10” sub)

Auto Pilot

Panoramic Moonroof (this is a discontinued option)

Dual chargers (80 amps) (also discontinued option)

Ludicrous upgrade

Next Generation Seats

Plus Suspension

Center console storage ($1250 option).

Mechanically perfect. Everything works.

Rated Range at 100% is 242 miles down from 253 when brand new.

The plus suspension is very very stiff. If you’re not specifically looking for this option, you probably don’t want it. You will feel every little thing in the road.

Still on version 8 of the software. It can be upgraded to version 9 but I’ve pressed the decline button more times than I can count. I personally feel, as many others do, that v9 is a major step backwards for the model S so I’ve decided to keep it at v8. The new owner can decide to keep it there or move on to v9.


X-Pel Ultimate full front.
BlackVue dual channel dashcam(stays with the car). This is the later cloud enable version of the 650.
Factory lighted vanity mirrors. Yes, the Model S had no lighted vanity mirrors until last year. I purchased them from the service center and installed them myself.
Lowered 1″ over factory. I still have the stock links so it can be restored to factory.
BBC Speed Machine rear adjustable links. I still have the factory links but the custom links provide rear camber adjustment.


MCU was replaced last year.
CV Half Shafts were both replaced at 70K miles.
50K service performed by Tesla.

9.8 / 10
Has never been through a car wash.
Only hand washed with techniques that prevent swirls.
There are no swirls in the paint even under the scrutiny of a paint defect light.
No paint chips.
XPel is in good condition for the mileage but I’d probably replace in 20K miles or so.

Only serious inquiries. Low ball offers will be completely ignored so don’t waste your time. No causal test drives. You basically already have to be looking for this specific car and you’ll need to convince me with a phone conversation. Check Out More