Selling my Model Y Performance.

It’s in basically perfect condition: no scratches, no scuffs.
Garage kept.
Very very low miles: As of today, the odometer counts 5,060.

I love this car and treat it that way.

Tons of extras included. All of the things you need to fix with a new Tesla are already handled for you:
* OEM Tow package; capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds
* All scratches, scuffs, and paint defects were fixed and all panel gaps addressed by Tesla when it was delivered.
* Front of car and fenders are protected with PPF (full hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights, mirror cap)
* Entire exterior was paint-corrected and then protected with 5-year ceramic coating (Ceramic Pro 5 year 9H)
Also included: front window tints to match rear windows, Tesla-logo puddle lights, blue interior foot lights in front and back, OEM Mud flaps, OEM Model Y Trunk Storage Bins, OEM Tire Repair Kit (unused), OEM Model Y All-Weather Rear Well Liner, Tesla Model Y Rear Vent insert/cover (to stop anything rolling into the rear foot wells), OEM Model Y Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat, OEM trays for arm rest and center console tray, blacked out Tesla logos on hood and rear of car.
* Never once was it machine washed. Always done by hand, by me.

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