This beauty is listed for sale. No one can believe she’s 8 years old bc she’s in such great condition: * 1st production year, one of the first 15k made * 2013 Tesla Model S P85+ * 21″ Premium Wheels * 0-60 in 3.9 * 141K miles, but if your familiar w EVs, you would know that mileage DOES NOT matter bc there is no combustion engine, meaning nothing to clog with oil/gas/etc. It’s simply a motor. * Tesla stopped testing at 500k miles bc they just keep going. There is NO gas, fluids (other than wipers), belts, oil…nothing. * Updates are sent like an iPhone. * No issues – Costs $22-26/month to charge at home if you commute often. * Only concern w EVs is the battery, but because Musk had to get consumers’ ‘buy-in,’ this Tesla comes with extra benefits, such a as a 10 yr warranty (vs 7 now) on the battery, FREE supercharging and more. * Battery has only diminished 15% in 8.5 years. Engineers calculated a much higher percentage of loss, but were grossly off, benefiting us! * Battery must diminish 30% before replacement. * The original mileage range was 265, and is now around 235 (I rarely fully charge it). You can literally go anywhere due to Tesla’s superchargers strategically placed on all major highways. And for YOU, it’s FREE!! * Only hand-washed by me…taken very well care of * There are minor scratches and one small indentation (that can be easily repaired) external * Rims do have “rim rash” but Tesla can recommend a company to repair them in your area * Interior is in great shape – comes with WeatherTech floor mats designed for the Tesla. * There is a very small and thin scratch in backseat – see pic; and the middle console (where your arm would rest) has normal wear & tear, see pic, but it should be repairable * New screen and updated chip was replaced in 2021
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