2012 Tesla Model S 85
Price: $33,900

I’m selling this December 2012 Model S 85 in pearl white / black with 87,1XX miles and extended service agreement through December 2020 or 100,000 miles. Title is clean. Carfax is clean.

Free supercharging for life. Here’s what that means: If you’re willing to go to your nearest supercharger (see image) a couple of times per week, you will never have to pay for electric “fuel,” ever.

I’m the second owner. I bought it with 61K miles in December 2015 from a doctor who commuted on 280 from San Francisco to Stanford Hospital. I’m selling it because I purchased a used 2015 Model S.

Condition: The pearl white paint is stunning and nearly perfect with only a few minor chips on the hood. There are no dings. The only noticeable exterior fault is modest curb rash on three of four wheels. The tires are nearly new. The black leather interior is pristine with no visible wear on the seats. The matte Obeche wood trim is perfect. It’s just had its annual service, so all fluids and wear items (there aren’t many) such as brake pads are in good shape. It’s freshly detailed, too, with clay bar and wax.

Dashboard indicator reads 253 miles at 100% charge, same as new. (The original range estimate of 265 miles was never realized in the first several years of this model). To maintain battery life, I’ve rarely charged to 100% (two or three times per year).

It’s got several extra options, including and all-glass roof, rear-facing seats (for kids), adjustable air suspension and the tech package.

Service history highlights (all records available):

Mar 2019 New tires (Michelin Primacy MXM from 2015 CPO)
Feb 2019 Replaced steering rack bolts
Jun 2018 Replaced auxiliary 12V battery
Apr 2017 Replaced passenger airbag
Sep 2016 Replaced 17” touch screen
Sep 2016 Replaced drive motor
Sep 2016 Replaced rear suspension upper links with newer part
Feb 2016 Replaced all four door handle assemblies
Feb 2016 Replaced all wheel sensors in Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Jun 2015 Replaced windshield

This was my first Tesla. I had been a long-time BMW and Mercedes driver. I will never go back. If the only benefit were the luxury of never having to go to a gas station, it would be worth it. But that’s not the only benefit.

Kelley Blue Book private party value (7/20/19) is $28,500 to $33,300 for “very good” condition. For “excellent” condition, private party value is $29,900 to $35,000. The $33,000 asking price reflects the condition of the car as well as the extended service coverage and the complete vehicle history, neither of which you will get from a dealer.
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