Prestine, like new condition Model 3 with only 5790 miles on it. We got the car appraised at Carmax but wanted to see if we could get a little more on Craigslist especially for someone who would appreciate the enhancements done)

We are upgrading to a different Tesla model so we decided to sell this one. We didn’t intend to sell it originally so we did some good modifications to protect the car such as:
Tinting all windows except windshield (one full piece in rear window which costs much more to tint)
Chrome delete and emblems ( has been covered with gloss black including emblems. Looks better and protects the chrome from scratches)
Front paint protection (PPF protection on front bumper, headlights and trunk opening)

The racks will not be sold with car. Also the hub caps will be put back on. Check Out More