Now is a great time to buy a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range +

NEW – Pearl White Multi-Coat becomes standard no charge option as of today. Also price drop with dual motor, as well as dual motor performance model as well!

As of today, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range + were onto the list of “List of eligible vehicles under the iZEV Program”, so that means it will qualify for $5000 Federal iZEV Program as well. (See link below)

On top of that, it also still qualify for BC CEV with $3000 rebate (See link below)

Tips for buying a model 3: Never buy any inventory model (the one that is currently in stock) as they may not have HW3 computer installed on it and only HW2.5 Installed (HW3 only installed after April 22), also they may be one of those rejected delivery. Always get the one that is custom made.

Regarding the delivery date, please make sure to book it on the daytime (if the delivery took place outdoor). Also, during delivery, make sure to take plenty of time to go thru the car (such as the paint job, the panel gaps, the interior panels if they are fit). Also making sure to see if all the windshields (front and rear), as well as the glass roof were lined up and no crack (If they are not line up properly, there are chances that they can develop stress crack down the road). Never sign the paperwork before even seeing the car.

As for the “Replacement Cost Coverage (Plus and Standard)”, there are choices you can make between ICBC, AVIVA and BCAA.

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With the referral code, you and I will both get 1500 free Supercharger KM!

Note: I’m not a salesman, reseller or affiliate with Tesla. I’m just an owner that’s currently owning Tesla and would like to get more free supercharging milage.

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