I`m selling my super rare and full optioned Tesla S P100D, which is the best Tesla that money can buy for the time being. It`s the fastest car on the road out there ( 778 HP and wheel torque > 1,000 lb-ft !!!) and its acceleration is breath-taking.

There`s no Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or anything of the likes that could stay in front of this beast. Nothing !

Let`s get to the specs.

The vehicle comes in Tricoat Red on the exterior with Ultra-White Tesla Performance perforated leather seats and Carbon Fiber Interior Decor, which makes it for the most exotic, sportiest look out there. Wherever you`ll drive it, your presence will get a lot of attention so be ready for it.

As options go, this car is loaded to the gills and it cost $175K + as brand new off of the factory floor in Fremont.

Among others, it includes the following :

*** Ludicrous and Ludicrous + speed upgrades ($10,000)
*** Autopilot with Full Self Driving (FSD) capability ($8,000)
*** Premium pkg ($3,500)
*** Carbon Fiber Decor ($1,000)
*** All class roof ($1,500)
*** Ultra High Fidelity Sound System ($2,500)
*** High Amperage Charger Upgrade ($1,500)
*** Ultra-White Tesla Performance Seats ($2,500)
*** Sub-Zero Pkg ($2,500)
***Black Alcantara headliner
*** Red brake calipers
*** Smart air suspension
*** Battery range upgrade

It comes with FREE unlimited supercharging which means that once you`ll own it, you won`t need to spend a penny on gas moving forward while still being the fastest car on the road. It comes already equipped with the red HOV sticker for the carpool lane so this could also be a dream car for the successful professional who commutes a bit.

Range: 315 miles.

For those who don`t know, the AP2 with FSD allows you to set up destination at the beginning of the trip and then the car will drive you by itself to it , changing lanes, entering/exiting freeways, accelerating/decelerating/stopping when needed. It has the ability to upgrade for FREE to the newest Autopilot features such as Tesla Parking Lot Summon Driving ( park it at the mall and it will follow you in the parking lot as you change positions in the mall), City Driving ( recognizing lights and stops in the city traffic) and others that are upcoming.

The vehicle is protected with high-end invisible film on its front/rear bumper,hood,door edges,etc for ultimate road protection.It just received a state-of-the-art enhanced-privacy glass job with Lumnar CTX UV and heat protection film with life time warranty that really keeps you protected from heat inside and thus using less AC beside making the car stand out even more ($1,000 value).It comes with a clean title, a clean Carfax report – available at the car showing – and both sets of keys.

It`s still under the original factory warranty so no worries whatsoever with this purchase.

Very interested buyers, who are ready to make a purchase NOW and not in a few months, who find it to be within their budget ( and NOT close enough only), are encouraged to reply via this site with location AND a good contact number where they could be reached ( both mandatory!). All cash buyers or parties who work with their preferred lender are welcome, it won`t make a difference to me.

Last but to least, I don`t need any type of help to sell my car. NO solicitations ! Check Out More