Took delivery mid June

White exterior
Black interior
7 seat ($4000 option)
20″ Induction wheels ($2600 option)
FSD (19,500 option)
Mobile connector included ($255)
Screen protector installed on day 1 (this will stay)
Retractable window screens were added, that can be left
interior was lined with Tuxmats on day 1, so it’s in pristine condition. Tuxmats are not staying with the vehicle, I’ll put the OEM mats back in for you.

NO GST (used vehicle)
NO PST (EV over 6000km)

I have an opportunity to get into a different vehicle in December, so I’m looking to sell this before then, otherwise I have no issues keeping the vehicle.

Exact configuration will run you $115,720+GST and PST (around 140k) plus you need to wait 2-5 months Check Out More