I am private owner of the car not a dealership so if you buy from me you can save a lot on taxes and fee’s!

Selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

It is in brand new condition as you can see or ask me to send you high quality pictures or if you are a serious buyer you can come take a look at the car in person.

This car is ready to go because I have protected it from outside to inside from day one!

It comes with:
Tesla Rim Protectors are Installed
HQ Leather Seat Covers Installed
HQ Screen Guard Installed
HQ Gravity Phone Mount
Front and back floor mats
Dynamic Power Hub
Tesla Front License Plate Mount
OK (HOV Lane) Decal Installed
Centre console protected with Matte Carbon Fibre
Rear air vent protected with Matte Carbon Fibre
HQ Leather back seat kick protector also Carbon fibre
Stainless Steel rear trunk inner guard installed
And more!

I protected this car because I knew I would keep it long term but plans have changed as I need the funds because I bought this car all on cash.

If you have more questions feel free to ask!

And serious buyers only please! Check Out More