Well taken care of Model Y Long Range!

– I 99% drove this in Chill Mode.
– Always parked this in a fully enclosed garage so it has less paint and heat wear.
– Kept the battery charge level to ~80% to prolong life.
– Supercharged less than 1% of the time since I have solar charging at home.
– No Full Self Driving, includes Basic Autopilot.
– I used 3rd party floor mats the entire time so the Tesla floor mats you’ll get are like new.
– 20″ upgraded wheels ~$1000 value.

Mods on this car:
– Ceramic coating on paint (Gyeon Mohs) applied sometime around August 2021. $500+ value.
– Ceramic window tint. $800+ value. ~50% windshield, ~30% front windows, ~20% rear windows, ~20-30% rear hatch. If you’ve never driven with dark tint before, be warned that this tint is VERY dark. It takes getting used to at night, and using your cameras more. I notice slight wrinkles/water marks on the windshield installation that I never thought was a big enough deal to bring back to the tint shop. They are too small to photograph–you need video to see them, or come check it out in person.
– 3rd party mudflaps behind all 4 wheels.
– 3rd party stainless steel sport pedals. These were extremely difficult to install and remove, so I’m leaving them on this car.
– Removed “Dual Motor” badge on the rear. There are slight scratches in this area that are very hard to photograph, you have to look close with a light shined on it.

Minor known damage (see included photos):
– 2 dings on the rear hatch from hitting a roof (see photos)
– Scuff mark below the rear license plate about 1.5″ wide. Too difficult to see in photos, come see it in person.
– No curb rash, no other dents or major scratches that I can find.
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