Most Model 3s are the same. Unlike Tesla’s earlier offerings, this “people’s car” limits the customization in exchange for mass producibility. While that in no way degrades the value of the car, it will impair an owner’s ability to set their car apart when (ahem) trying to sell it. With that in mind, I’ll get the standard, every-Tesla-has-these-features-but-mine-is-special-because-it’s-in-all-caps provisions, out of the way first. This car has:

Obsidian black paint
Enhanced Autopilot
Rear-wheel drive
Extended battery (315 miles of range)
18” Aero Wheels (no hubcaps)
Black interior
Leather Seats
This car has not hit a service date yet since it’s so new.
I’m selling it to make room for a Model X

Now onto what sets this Model 3 apart:

Tinted windows:

Want to flaunt Tesla and the law and enter a state of “deep relaxation” during your commute home?

Don’t want to worry about nosy drivers ironically documenting your lack of attentiveness by recording you as they, too, are driving?

Fear not! This baby’s got 5% tints on the windows. This is a $500-1200 value that will guarantee you the privacy YOU DESERVE as you experience the closest you’ll get to Minority Report in this lifetime.

Carbon fiber wrapped dash

I don’t really understand Tesla’s fascination with putting wood paneling in a spaceship, but TSLA is currently worth $225.03 so they must be on to something. With this wrap already installed, you can decide for yourself which one you like better. The wood trim has been wrapped in Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap, which both makes the interior flow a little better and reduces your exposure to splinters.

EV Annex Custom Fit Sunshade

There is almost nothing worse than buying that unique Millennium Falcon sunshade that no one else has and finding out it doesn’t fit. It’ll go one of two ways: 1. you’ll have to squeeze the sunshade in and leave Chewbacca all scrunched in the corner, or 2. your sun visors will be too short to hold it in place, so you’ll leave the sunshade sitting uselessly in the dash, eliciting only 1/5 of the laughs your clever sunshade might have otherwise elicited.

You won’t have that issue with this sunshade. Not only is it made specifically for a Model 3 windshield, it’s gold! It’s classy! Yet understated. It says “look at me! Ok stop looking at me.” This thing cost $60(!). Overpriced? Sure. But you reap the benefits, because it’s included.

Non-glossed Screen Protector

There is only one thing worse than your awesome Star Wars reference being ruined by a windshield with the unmitigated gall to not fit your carefully curated sunshade: having to stare awkwardly through your fingerprint smudges at your passenger in the reflection of the center screen. Fear not! With the installed screen protector on this Model 3, you won’t have to. Not only does it protect against sweaty fingers, it reduces the reflection of your copilot to a vague blur. Yay, no awkward eye contact!

3D Maxpider floor mats

These are the best floormats made for Teslas. Everyone agrees. And so will you, once you see how perfectly they fit and how superbly they expel everything, including whatever you try to use to clean them.

In summary, while this Model 3 shares many of the features of every other Model 3 for sale, not only do the small differences set it apart, I’ve already taken care of the minor inconveniences so you won’t have to.

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