2018 Tesla 3 Long Range with Auto Pilot and Full Self Driving.

Moving to Germany so we are reluctantly selling this amazing car. It is your chance to purchase a premium, long range, future proofed Tesla 3 that keeps getting better.

Price includes Long Range Tesla 3 with Auto Pilot and Full Self Driving ($13K price post purchase). Car does 0-60 in 5 seconds. Range is approximately 325 miles. Car has premium blue paint and Alloy wheels.

This is the most complete and satisfying driving and car owning experience available. The Model 3 has the comfort and utility of a 4 door sedan with the performance of a sports car. The Supercharger network is unmatched. The car is future proofed with all needed radar, sensors, cameras and software updates for future full self driving.

Installed Auto Pilot includes stay in lane, maintain distance, and auto breaking.

Installed Full Self Driving includes highway navigation, merging on and off highway, changing lanes, passing slower traffic, auto summon, and auto park (parallel and back end). Check Out More