Hi all,

For Sale TESLA Model X – White/Tan leather, 5 seater, 25k miles, AutoPilot2 – Enhanced Autopilot (includes enhanced Summon and Parking etc), Free (fully transferable) Supercharging for the life of the car.

I’m regrettably selling my Model X due to a pending home remodel and the related practical needs for supporting that endeavor. It’s White with Tan Leather, the light headliner, and piano black wood trim and was produced very late 2016 and purchased early 2017. It’s the rare nexus of AutoPilot 2, Free Supercharging for the full life of the car, and the 5 seater that folds fully flat. These features/facets only existing/overlapped for a matter of about 10 weeks. It’s a 75KW battery that is configured to use 60KW (thus technically a 60D), and as such, it’s never been charged beyond the TESLA advised 80% of its actual capacity. The additional 15kw can be “unlocked” at any time as an upgrade from Tesla.

I have done a lot of research and thinking to determine the price/value… the car is pristine as I’m the only driver of it, no kids, nor animals, no smoking or TURO renting. Fronts seats have been covered. Based on the condition, combined with the AutoPilot2, and Free Lifetime Supercharging (fully transferable to all new/subsequent owners), + Tan Leather (no longer available), I have set the price at $68,600. I think in general that’s a fair deal and actually a good value given the combination of features for far less than the effective $100k a new one cost. I believe it also gets free unlimited data…(new/newer Tesla’s apparently do not, but not sure on that).

Tesla’s are expensive, no doubt about it, it was a big decision to buy it, (it’s over a 100k expense for me), it’s “as new” (I’m the only user/driver of it), a very good build quality, and I think potentially a greater value than other X’s for the next owner(s), unless you value just spending less… early builds, AP1, cloth seats, high miles, rough aesthetics are seemingly the relative “bargains”. TESLAs are amazing cars and the ‘X’ unlike anything else and something close to perpetually fascinating, (especially with AP2 feature rollouts). I hope to own another one sometime in the future.

Hope the above makes sense and is helpful, if you have any Questions or would like to arrange to see it just let me know. Thanks for your interest… Brent

P.S. I have all the original TESLA new owner paperwork and preserved gifts/bling to include, along with two key fobs (one never used and the other in perfect unscratched condition), plus TESLA all weather front mats, and a full extra set of original mats. Check Out More