We are selling our beloved Tesla due to a family life change. We purchased only 6 months ago with 28k miles with carbon fiber dash, moonroof, and piano yacht floor. The side windows have been tinted to keep the car cool during the day. The vehicle has been on the highway for the last 15k miles. The vehicle currently has about 43k miles. The warranty is good for 1.5 years or 100k miles. The vehicle was built in Sept 2014 which would be 2015 by automotive standards. The battery is the 85kwh which good for up to 260 miles. 240 miles at 90% which keeps the battery happy.

The car has auto-pilot and free unlimited supercharging.

The vehicle has the high fidelity sound package.

The vehicle also has the sub zero package which has heat in all 5 passenger seats.

The power lift gate in the rear is great.

The vehicle has ample frunk storage. Check Out More