2014 Tesla Model S 85

Very low mileage 2014 Tesla Model S (85kwh). I have thoroughly enjoyed driving this over the last 4 years but am rarely home to enjoy it due to extensive business travel. This Tesla has been cared for like my first-born child. The day it was delivered I immediately sent it out to Detailed Designs Auto Spa where they covered it completely in protective film and applied Modesta nano-titanium glass coatings,
just to keep the paint perfect and a mirror-like shine. The car has always been in a garage and NEVER been to a car wash as I insist on handling the 2-bucket baths myself. It’s in fantastic shape as I hope you can tell from the photos.
Free Supercharging transfers with vehicle. Other features: Panoramic sunroof, 19″ Michelin Primacy tires, Supercharger enabled, Tech package, Smart suspension, Fog lamps, Ultra high fidelity sound, Premium lighting, Subzero weather package.

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