2012 Tesla Model S P90 Signature
Price: $35,900

I’m selling this December 2012 Model S P90 Signature in pearl white / tan with 84,XXX miles and has extended service agreement through November 2020 or 100,000 miles from my CPO purchase. Title and carfax is clean and I am the second owner. I’ve decided to upgrade to a newer Model S and will no longer keep this one.

This car has unlimited supercharging for life and is transferable to new owner.

Aftermarket upgrades:

-Wrapped clear bra in the front
-Fully ceramic tinted windows

Some Notable Recent Service history:

-Jul 2019 Replace Frunk latch
-May 2019 Replace MCU 17” touch screen
-May 2019 Replace Door Handle on driver side
-May 2019 Replace all 4 tires with Michelin Primacy MXM4
-This is a rare performance model that has a 90kW battery instead of the original 85kW battery. I believe it was replaced sometime in August 2017 at around 6X,XXX miles. This was before I took ownership on November 2018. It’s capable of charging at 120kW/h, instead of the original max of 90kW/h.
Dashboard indicator reads 236 miles at 90% charge. I don’t ever charge to 100%, so I assume it would be around 262 miles.

Condition: The pearl white paint is in very good condition and has very minor dings or scratches. I plastidipped the 19” rims black, but some of it came off when new tires were installed in May 2019. There’s no TPMS in the tires, so that’s why there’s a warning on the dash screen. The tan leather interior is in very good condition and only the driver’s seat shows more wear.

When I bought it in 2018, it came with one set of keys and no mobile charging cable. This was top of the line when it came out in 2012, including and all-glass roof, adjustable smart air suspension and the tech package. Check Out More